JP Morgan quote

"I was going to drive the %@#*&... into the ground. Then I thought about The Conflict Lens and decided to try for a better outcome." - International Finance, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Fortune 500 quote

"Not only did the Conflict Lens receive almost perfect marks from the participant evaluations, the participants continued to learn to use the principals in almost all of the following sessions throughout the week." - Internal Corporate Trainer, Fortune 500 Company

Fortune 200 quote

"The Conflict Lens was one of the most positive training tools I have ever used. The response was so powerful it almost brought me to tears." - Master Trainer, Fortune 200 Company

Why Use the Lens?

The Conflict LensTM is an effective tool to identify and address conflict situations in the workplace. When taking a Conflict Lens survey:

  • Participants answer questions on real conflicts they were involved in. This allows them to get information about issues that really matter to them and makes the whole experience more meaningful.
  • Participants learn exactly which behaviors they used in specific conflicts so that they can compare them to research derived best practices.
  • Participants learn that building trust with people before a disagreement begins is the best predictor of a constructive outcome.
  • Participants learn that they must first pay attention to the relationship before discussing the problem.
  • Participants learn exactly what behaviors lead to collaborative discussions.
  • Participants learn what not to do in trying to resolve disagreements.
  • Participants learn that win-win is not always the best solution.
  • Participants learn a behavioral roadmap that can be followed to reach constructive solutions.
Dealing with conflict....made easy.

The Conflict LensTM is an on-line instrument, a model and a process for helping people develop better communication strategies for managing conflict. Available in 19 languages it has been used in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.